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7 Weird Jewelry Pieces You Can Find Online

The online world is a place where you find a lot of weird things, and fashion jewelry is no exception to this. That’s why we round up 7 of the most eccentric jewelry pieces we found in the internet.

1. Looped Leather Accessories

Looped Leather Accessories

These Amaa Gyan 'Mold-Me' rings and necklaces use looped designs to add texture and dimension to each piece. As oppose to using more neutral, tired leather colors like black or brown, designer Amaa Gyan chose to incorporate reds, blues, purples and greens into her pieces. 

2. Underwear-Inspired Jewelry

Underwear-Inspired Jewelry

Thanks to Vladimir Markin's underwear-inspired jewels collection, it is now acceptable to wear your bra or panties on your head -- well, kind of. The Russian designer's collection includes precious and sexy undergarments like bras, culottes, camisoles, bodices, stockings or red thongs transformed into necklaces and earrings, giving a new meaning to haute lingerie! 

3. Fluorescent Fake Nail Necklaces

Fluorescent Fake Nail Necklaces

These kooky necklaces and earrings are made from fake-nail-inspired pieces. The collection contains a wide range of looks, from fluorescent nails to sterling silver or other metallic pieces. 

4. Tasty Fast Food Jewelry

Tasty Fast Food Jewelry

The Mary Rebecca Hamburger Ring costs about the same price as a meal at a fast food restaurant, but unlike a greasy helping of fries and a burger, the ring won't be gone in five minutes with the potential of causing a heart attack in the near future. 

5. Smitten Smooching Jewelry

Smitten Smooching Jewelry

Jewelry designer Chloë McCormick is definitely a creative individual. This featured Kiss Ring is one that will leave many awing at the wearer's hand due to the situation it depicts. Showing two faces, with one that is kissing the other on the cheek, this Kiss Ring is available in nylon or wax.

6. Cash Jewelry

Cash Jewelry

The Sophie Kemp currency rings were designed in response to an interactive design seminar she attended in which she was asked to redesign the parameters of a common interaction. Kemp chose the everyday universal interaction of giving and receiving money. Kemp used 12 different currencies from around the world and turned them each into rings using traditional origami methods. 

7. Math-Inspired Jewelry

Math-Inspired Jewelry

The Geometric Pop Earrings are the perfect gift for any artistic individual looking to express her originality. It combines different triangles in a unique and asymmetrical manner to produce jewelry that functions as art. The funky and creative earrings are made even more original by the fact that every pair has two slightly different shaped earrings.
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Diamonds Can Detect Early-Stage Cancer

Diamonds Can Detect Early-Stage Cancer

Who would have thought that diamonds can be more than just “a girl’s bestfriend” or an expensive gem embedded in a fashionable jewelry. A new study has found that the gems used not only for jewelry but also for cutting, polishing, as superconductors, and more, can also be used to detect cancer tumors.

Lead study author Professor David Reilly from the University Of Sydney School Of Physics looked at how nano-scale diamonds might help detect the earliest stages of cancers. He says, “We knew nano-diamonds were of interest for delivering drugs during chemotherapy because they are largely non-toxic and non-reactive.”
 “We thought we could build on these non-toxic properties realizing that diamonds have magnetic characteristics enabling them to act as beacons in MRIs. We effectively turned a pharmaceutical problem into a physics problem,” he continued. “Having those chemicals target certain types of cancers, bind to certain types of receptors, is something that’s advanced. What we’ve done is now develop that lighthouse to image those things in an MRI, thereby actually see the cancers light up, without having to open somebody up.”

Early  Stage Cancer Diamond Detection

To make explain things simpler, the synthetic versions of diamonds can be used to detect cancer in the earliest stages through magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). For this to be possible, the researchers' involved hyperpolarizing nano-diamonds. This aligns atoms inside a diamond, which produces a signal that can be detected by an MRI scanner. The hyperpolarized diamonds are attacted to chemicals that target cancer making it possible to track the movement of the diamonds as they move through the patient's body.

Furthermore, lead study author Ewa Rej notes that the team focused on hyperpolarising nano-diamonds. This is a process of aligning atoms inside the precious gem in order that they create a signal that can be detectable by an MRI scanner. “By attaching hyperpolarised diamonds to molecules targeting cancers the technique can allow tracking of the molecules’ movement in the body.”

Finally, Professor Reilly concludes, “This is a great example of how quantum physics research tackles real-world problems, in this case opening the way for us to image and target cancers long before they become life-threatening.”
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5 of the Most Expensive Pieces of Jewelry Ever Made

L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace, $55 million 

L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace

The L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace has the World Record as the most valuable necklace in the world. This diamond piece, weighs 637 carats, with the world’s largest internally flawless diamond as its centre-piece. The Incomparable diamond is yellow in shade, and weighs 407.48 carats, discovered over 30 years ago by a young girl, when it was a massive 890 carat by-product of a diamond mining, and took the Mouawad Jewelry over four years to polish it and craft it into a necklace of $55 million with 91 diamonds of various cuts, including 229.52 carat white diamonds, set in 18 carat rose gold.

The Graff Pink, $46.2 million

The Graff Pink

Little is known about the origins of this very rare 24.78-carat pink diamond. This was purchased by a private collector from famous American jeweler Harry Winston and then sold at auction to another famous diamond collector and jeweler Laurence Graff. The price for which it was sold was the highest ever spent on a piece of jewelry. It is dubbed to be the greatest diamond ever discovered with a classification of Diamond type.

The Perfect Pink Ring, $23.2 million

The Perfect Pink Ring

The Perfect Pink ring to be one of the most expensive fashionable jewelry pieces in the world priced at $23.2 million. It has a 14.23 carat intense pink diamond, which is rare, due to the singular tinge, and perfect color, cut and clarity, as well as the fact that less than 10% of pink diamonds are of over 0.20 carats. To make it even more perfect, the three diamonds are mounted on an 18-karat rose and white gold ring.

Heart of the Ocean Diamond, $20 million


Heart of the Ocean Diamond

This necklace is arguably one of the most recognizable pieces of expensive jewelry as it is the exact imitation of the necklace used in the movie Titanic. The Heart of the Ocean Diamond necklace was created by jeweler Harry Winston and features a 15-carat blue diamond.riced at $20 million; the necklace is one of the most expensive pieces of jewellery worn to the Oscars, and among the world’s costliest necklaces. Even its imitations sell for $3.5 million at auctions, due to its history of love.

Bulgari Blue Diamond Ring, $15.7 million


Bulgari Blue Diamond Ring

This Bulgari two-stone ring is unique for many reasons, thus commanding a very high price. First, it features a triangular-cut vivid blue diamond that weighs 10.95 carats; second, its other stone is another triangular shaped diamond that weighs 9.87 carats; third, it is a Bulgari original made in 1972. This fine piece of jewelry comes with a true report from the Gemological Institute of America, which verifies the diamonds’ weight, clarity, color, and flawlessness.
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Best Jewelries We’ve Seen in Celebrities this Summer

Summer is also over but before we move on to Autumn, why don’t we take a recap on the most fashionable jewelries we’ve seen in celebrities this summer of 2015.

Selena Gomez’s Bracelet Cuffs

Selena Gomez’s Bracelet Cuffs

This summer we’ve seen Selena Gomez rocking up these Giles & Brother brass skinny railroad spike arm cuff. Want to look like Selena Gomez? Try clinching a couple of arm cuffs higher up on your forearm. Or, if that’s not your thing, let them dangle off your wrists.

Alessandra Ambrosio's Turquoise Jewelry

Alessandra Ambrosio's Turquoise Jewelry

It’s no secret that turquoise jewelry is trending, especially during the summer months. We love how model Alessandra Ambrosio paired her brightly hued bathing suit with a pair of turquoise earrings. Yes ladies, monochrome is always in!

Diane Kruger’s Ear Cuffs

Diane Kruger’s Ear Cuffs

Since the moment ear cuffs sparkled on the Spring '13 runways, the trend has become so popular especially when Diane Krueger was seen on it. While it may seem formidable, an ear cuff is similar in design to a clip-on earring and is surprisingly comfortable. Tip: Pull your hair back if you really want to let your ear cuff shine. Or, for a more demure look, you can wear your hair down and let it sparkle from underneath your tresses.

Olga Kurylenko's Midi Rings

Olga Kurylenko's Midi Rings

Olga Kurylenko we’re seen sporting these fashionable rings on a red carpet known as stack rings or midi rings, and we couldn’t help but not to be impressed with her risk. It looks classy and fashionable along with her white dress. With its unique style, it’s impossible not to see them.

Zoe Kravitz’s Shin Jewelry

Zoe Kravitz’s Shin Jewelry

You can thank trendsetter Zoe Kravitz for bringing shin jewelry into the light. It’s definitely an interesting way to show your legs some love at the shore. They carry you around all day, so they deserve to be dressed up in gold and silver, don’t you think?

Rihanna’s Multi-layer Necklaces

Rihanna is boasting her layered necklaces this summer. These multilayer necklaces come in different colors and styles. You will also see her summer necklace that comes with vivid – gemstones or pure gold on the surface. Rihanna is can also is seen wearing her famous lion head necklace styles. These necklace styles come in many different colors.

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Jewelry Trends That Were Hot this 2015!

We’re already in the middle of 2015, a safe time to name the list of jewelry trends that made it in the fashion runway. We saw the models strut the runway with them and the celebrities donning them.

• Longer necklaces and bold chokers. 

Longer necklaces and bold chokersBold chokers and longer necklaces

 The long necklaces and chokers are back from the past according to what Amanda Gizzi of Jewelers of America and Amanda Tropila of the Platinum Guild International. And yes, we’ve already seen them in the recent fashion shows and runways.

"We’re seeing longer chains, especially in gold, and multiple pendants on one chain, more substantial pendants but nothing too big,” said Amanda Gizzi, Jewelers of America’s director of public relations and special events. "Look for the Y trend to resurface too, with a new emphasis on layering."

“We’re seeing more chokers lately, some metal-intensive, a lot of vintage styles,” Tropila said. “We’re still seeing long necklaces and pendants, cool charms, delicate layers, but chokers seem to be up-and-coming.”

• Body chains

Body chains

I don’t know how but I first seen this trend on the body of Beyonce, and I knew back then that it was going to be a hit!  This body jewelry makes jumpsuits, maxi dresses, and cutoff jean shorts more seductive. So who’s wearing this stuff aside from Tay, well there’s Honey B, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Brandy, and Victoria's Secret models. This style is not only seen in clubs but also in the beach. Yes, we’ve seen Christina Millian takes her statement chain to the beach, hitting the sand in a multi-color graphic string bikini and her bold two-piece with an oversize gold body chain.

Indeed, this fashion statement is a dainty and sexy move on the trendy list this year.

• One-sided earrings

One-sided earrings

The trend was a hit back in the 80’s but when the models Céline, Louis Vuitton and Isabel Marant walk down the runway with just one earring these recent fashion shows, we knew ths is going to be a trend again. According to Elle Fashion, some daring single earring you should try this fall are “Fendi's feather earring, Zara's geometric dangler, or Erickson Beamon's cuff that was paired with a double-breasted coat and strappy platforms à la Céline.”

Want some inspiration to wear this fashionable jewelry? Emma Watson, our sweetheart, is a big fan of this fashion statement. She happens to be the absolute master of the single earring trend. Look at this slideshow to get some tips on how to rock a one-stud earring.

• Ear climbers

Ear climbers

“Ears, in general, are going to continue to be important,” said Tropila. "I think you’re going to see designers expand on ear climbers in particular.”

While Gizzi said, “Ear climbers are doing fabulously, with so many different styles available. But the trick is they have to fit the ear. Every woman’s ear is shaped differently and larger cuffs don’t fit every ear.”

These ear climbers took off last year after several celebrities walked the red carpet in lobe-hugging pearls and diamonds such as Rashida Jones, Lupita Nyong’o and Sandra Bullock.
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10 Mind-Blowing Facts About Diamonds, the Birthstone of April

Diamond wholesale jewelry mind blowing facts

Diamonds are forever!

And since it’s the birthstone for this month of April, let’s give the spotlight to these elegant gemstones we have learned to love and cherish thorough the century, and were even said to be a girl’s bestfriend. So to celebrate these dazzling gemstones, we’ve rounded up fifteen interesting facts and bits of lore about these beloved diamonds.

Fact #1

Long ago, the ancient believed that diamonds were tears cried by the gods o splinters that came from falling stars. Romans, all the while, believed that Cupid's arrows were tipped with these stones (a fact that may perhaps be the earliest association between diamonds and romantic love.)

Diamond wholesale jewelry facts

Fact #2

Diamonds are known to be the hardest natural substance on Earth. Actually, diamonds came from the Greek word "adamantinos" which means untamable or unbreakable.


Diamonds were formed billions of years ago through a combination of tremendous pressure and temperatures of around 2000º to 3000º F and at depths between 75 and 120 miles beneath the earth’s surface. No doubt, they were truly precious.


Diamonds in their pure state, they are colorless. Blue and red are the rarest colored diamonds, while yellow and brown are the most common colored diamonds.


And did you know that diamonds are brought closer to the earth’s surface through volcanic activity. These gemstones can also be found in shallow alluvial deposits where the crystals settle after being transported by rivers away by geological activities.

Wholesale jewelry diamond facts


One polished diamonds weighs more than one carat (1 carat = 0.2 grams or .007 ounces). The largest rough diamonds is the Cullinan diamond which is discovered in 1905 and weighs around 3,106 carats (2.8 pounds).


Aside from being unbreakable, diamonds are also fireproof. To burn one, it must be heated to 1292 degrees Farenheit.


According to history, the earliest written account of diamonds dates back to around 500 B.C. During the Middle Ages, diamonds were believed to have healing properties able to cure ailments ranging from fatigue to mental illness. While the Ancient Hindus used diamonds in the eyes of devotional statues and believed that it protects it wearer from any danger.

wholesale jewelry Diamond mind blowing facts


In 1725, diamonds were discovered in Minas, Gerais, Brazil in South America. In 1840s, there also diamonds found in North America but was soon forgotten due to the discovery of diamonds in Africa ensuing the Great Diamond Rush.


Diamond is the world’s most popular and sought after gemstone. They are frequently worn as part of jewelry such as rings and necklaces especially in engagement or wedding rings.

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The Heart of the Ocean, the Real Story behind the Famous Fictional Necklace of Titanic

Titanic Famous FIctional Necklace

 Valentine’s may be over but I know that some of us still do marathon romantic movies on a Saturday evening and I’m sure one of the movies included in your list is Titanic. Shown in 1997, Titanic was one, if not the most, successful romantic films that hit the theatres worldwide. Written, co-produced and co-edited by James Cameron, the film tells the story of Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater, passengers of the RMS Titanic (a real ship which sank on April 15, 1912) of different social classes who fell in love each other during the ship’s ill-fated maiden voyage.

Film experts believed that aside from Cameron’s well-written romance of Jack and Rose, it was the added plot points in the film that made it perfect such as the backdrop story of “The Heart of the Ocean” or “Cœur de la Mer”, the famous fictional blue diamond necklace which theft caused the dramatic break in the main characters’ romantic relationship. The necklace was so famous that several wholesale jewelry sellers imitated its design to sell in the market.

In the film

titanic diamon necklace

According to the film, the diamond in the necklace was original owned by King Louis XVI of France and was then cut into a heart shape after the French Revolution. Caledon Hockley, Rose's fiancée purchased the diamond necklace as a wedding gift for her. It was also this necklace that bought Rose to the recovery ship by Brock Lovett, a treasure hunter who believes that the necklace lies within the wreck of the RMS Titanic. On the first part of the film, after his team recovered a drawing in which a nude woman is portrayed wearing the necklace, dated in the year the Titanic sank, Lovett searched for the woman who happened to be Rose. She was then invited by him to his recovery ship to tell her story about the tragic voyage in which the story started.

The real story

But did you know that there was a real love story that inspired the film and there was indeed a real necklace involved in it. According to history, the necklace was given on the ship to a Titanic passenger named Kate Florence Phillips by her married lover, Henry Samuel Morley.

Kate was a shop assistant from England, who decided to elope with Henry, who was twenty years her senior and was the owner of the shop she worked in. Leaving his wife and children, Henry together with Kate boarded the RMS Titanic as Mr. and Mrs. Marshall to America for a new beginning. However, when the ship sank on the Atlantic waters, Henry died while Kate made it off the ship and made it back to England, carrying nothing but her purse, the necklace from her dead lover and the baby in her womb.

Although Kate’s necklace did inspire the story behind “The Heart of the Ocean”, the original necklace wasn’t a blue diamond but a blue sapphire. It wasn’t heart-shaped as well unlike its fictional counterpart and was known as “The Love of the Sea.”

After the story unfolded, it was then believed that Kate and Henry’s tragic love story aboard the Titanic was the one that inspired the endless romantic tragedy of Jack and her Rose. And the necklace, well, London jewelers Asprey & Garrad using a blue cubic zirconium set in white gold for the film and costs around $10,000. And as today, “The Heart of the Ocean” can be found in Twentieth Century Fox’s archives.
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Fall Season’s Hottest Accessories and How to Display it

The cold weather and crisp air is just a proof that fall season is truly well on its way. As temperature continues to drop, shoppers will surely be in the look out for some accessories to keep their fall to winter outfit fashionable and stylish.

Ways To Display Your Hottest Accessories During Fall Season

Aside from chunky necklaces and statement earrings, seasonal items such as hats, gloves, sunglasses and scarves are also popular this season. Update your store with this season’s latest fashion trends and keep your jewelry display fresh, popular and trendy.

Here are some of the most useful tips on how to display this season’s hottest fashion accessories.

Jewelry and Ways to Display Them During FallJewelry

 Since people will be mostly covered up with layers of clothing this season, many may opt to wear little to no jewelry at this time of the year. However, chunky necklaces and earrings are still popular choice among fashion savvy ladies so make sure to keep these items available in your store.

To create a catchy necklace display, you can use velvet display stand or polystyrene bust to hold chunky necklaces. A dress form mannequin is also a great choice when it comes to displaying long or multi layer necklaces.

For statement earrings, you can use finger shape displays in various sizes or showcase ring trays to showcase your ring collection. Fancy ring displays like this mini shoes display is also a great idea, especially if you’re aiming for a shabby chic theme for your jewelry store.

Trendy Scarves For Fall Season



This accessory is definitely one of this season’s must have. Let them take the spotlight by displaying it in a visible area in your retail store. You can use scarf display rack to showcase different scarf designs and styles. If you’re into DIY stuff, you can also use curtain rod to create a layer of display in your retail store. Using a dress form mannequin will also help in highlighting this season’s best accessories. Purchase different mannequins and dress it up to fit this season’s fashion trends.




Complete this season’s accessories with different trendy hats. Use spinning hat displays to make it more accessible to your customers or hang it on the wall to create an attractive display in your retail store.

Display this season’s greatest fashion finds creatively and invite more shoppers into your store this season.
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Tips on Creating a Winning Back to School Window Display

A lot of small business owners don’t realize the value of creating an attractive window display to encourage new buyers and win back the love of old customers. If you’re selling clothing items or fashion accessories, your window display is your first tool to help turn ordinary passers by into a raving customer.

During peak season, retail stores and fashion boutiques put out their best to send out a thanksgiving message or greet everyone a happy holiday through their window display.
This is the time of the year when shopping malls or jewelry stores create heartwarming necklace displays to encourage shoppers to purchase gifts to their loved one.

However, the start of fall and back to school season is also a great opportunity to create stunning window display and engage more customers. Aside from kids and teens accompanied by their mom, this season’s target market also includes college students who are looking for cool items wear inside the campus. Putting your best displays to reach this market is also a great strategy to boost your sales this season.

Here are some important tips to help you create a winning back to school display.

Create scenarios with your window display

To make your display more eye-catching, it’s important to create something that people can instantly relate to. Creating a scene that reminds people about good memories of their high school life or college adventures is a great way to tug the heartstrings of your customers. Make it fun, sentimental or classic by using different items in your store and use different props to pull off your desired scene. Retouch your usual display racks, trays, cabinets, mannequins or jewelry display stand to better fit your theme or motif.

Think of fun tag lines and put it on attractive banners

There are plenty of ways to ring in the new school year, but instead of using the old and overused back to school greetings, creating your own tag line is much more creative and original. Keep in mind that your tagline should be short, catchy and easy to remember so people will have better recall of your brand even after leaving your store.

Write or print your tagline on attractive banners and place it in the prominent area of your window display. You can use chalkboard as your background so you can easily write down your tag line or short quotation using colored chalks. Use your creativity and imagination to keep your window display unique and engaging.

Lastly, avoid over doing your window display. After putting everything together, take a step back and see if there’s anything that should be added or taken down on your display. Asks few customers about their feedback so you can further learn what works for your target customer so you can do better on the next holidays and important events.

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Turn Ordinary Objects into a Fancy Jewelry Display

Aside from creating jewelry or ordering it from a supplier, another exciting part of jewelry business is creating a display for your inventory. To keep your display fun and interesting, it’s highly important to purchase high quality display busts or jewelry racks for your retail store. But if you want something different, you can easily pick up different objects, upcycle it, and turn it into a unique jewelry display. 

Creating your own jewelry display surely has its downside: it’s time consuming, requires some hit and miss, and somehow more expensive than buying store bought necklace display. However, exerting extra effort such as making your own signature display brings more personality to your brand and will help you stand out against competitors especially during shows and events.

Depending on the type of jewelry you are selling, you can turn any item into a jewelry display as long as it goes well with your theme. From vases, to mirrors, ladders or picture frames, you can go as crazy or as creative as you can be.

Do you want to try your hands into some DIY stuff? Here are some ideas that may tickle your imagination and creativity.

1.    Bird Cage used as necklace display by Gossamertangles.com

Long necklaces are challenging to display, but with this bird cage jewelry display you can definitely find a way hang it neatly and stylishly. Put it on top of your table as your centerpiece or place it on top of a cabinet to make it more noticeable to your customers.

2.    Ring Display in a Cigar Box

Have you received a fancy cigar box as a gift? Then turn it into a fancy ring display that can hold different pieces of fashion rings. Just follow the instructions from this blog and create your own jewelry display. You can even use other similar box as long as it’s sturdy and wide enough to hold at least 10 pieces of rings at the same time.

3.    Bicycle seats as necklace display

Talk about shabby chic. This jewelry display will definitely make your jewelry more noticeable. Turn old bicycle parts into something nice and vintage by turning it into a unique jewelry stand. If you have knowledge in carpentry and other metal works, feel free to create another version of this display with other materials found in your home or from a thrift shop.

Got more jewelry display ideas? Share your thoughts and stories with us! Who knows, maybe your DIY jewelry display will be featured here next!

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