Turn Ordinary Objects into a Fancy Jewelry Display

Aside from creating jewelry or ordering it from a supplier, another exciting part of jewelry business is creating a display for your inventory. To keep your display fun and interesting, it’s highly important to purchase high quality display busts or jewelry racks for your retail store. But if you want something different, you can easily pick up different objects, upcycle it, and turn it into a unique jewelry display. 

Creating your own jewelry display surely has its downside: it’s time consuming, requires some hit and miss, and somehow more expensive than buying store bought necklace display. However, exerting extra effort such as making your own signature display brings more personality to your brand and will help you stand out against competitors especially during shows and events.

Depending on the type of jewelry you are selling, you can turn any item into a jewelry display as long as it goes well with your theme. From vases, to mirrors, ladders or picture frames, you can go as crazy or as creative as you can be.

Do you want to try your hands into some DIY stuff? Here are some ideas that may tickle your imagination and creativity.

1.    Bird Cage used as necklace display by Gossamertangles.com

Long necklaces are challenging to display, but with this bird cage jewelry display you can definitely find a way hang it neatly and stylishly. Put it on top of your table as your centerpiece or place it on top of a cabinet to make it more noticeable to your customers.

2.    Ring Display in a Cigar Box

Have you received a fancy cigar box as a gift? Then turn it into a fancy ring display that can hold different pieces of fashion rings. Just follow the instructions from this blog and create your own jewelry display. You can even use other similar box as long as it’s sturdy and wide enough to hold at least 10 pieces of rings at the same time.

3.    Bicycle seats as necklace display

Talk about shabby chic. This jewelry display will definitely make your jewelry more noticeable. Turn old bicycle parts into something nice and vintage by turning it into a unique jewelry stand. If you have knowledge in carpentry and other metal works, feel free to create another version of this display with other materials found in your home or from a thrift shop.

Got more jewelry display ideas? Share your thoughts and stories with us! Who knows, maybe your DIY jewelry display will be featured here next!


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