Display Ideas for Rocker Jewelry

Coming up with a way to create a stunning wholesale fashion jewelry display can bring more customers into your store. One of the tricks to an impressive jewelry display is associating the theme of your jewelry to the way you present your products.

Each piece of jewelry has a character of its own. It often reflects the characters of its wearer and the on going trends in the fashion industry. One of the most popular jewelry trends for ladies is rocker jewelry. It’s often made with chains, spikes, studs, skulls or other icons that make it fit for those who have that rock star attitude. Catch the attention of the passersby and impress your store visitors with creative jewelry display. 
Photo Credit: Jo Naylor

Here are some tricks to help you come up with fun and exciting jewelry showcase.

  1. Go Visual

Use posters or hang photos to inspire them to wear you jewelry. If you know of popular rock icons or celebrities who are nailing the punk rock fashion, print out big and quality photos of them and hang it on your jewelry store.

  1. Layer Different Types of Jewelry

One of the popular ways of wearing rockstar jewelry is putting together different types of jewelry to come up with one exciting look. Combine different types of metals and bracelets with varying thickness to emphasize the style and design of each piece of jewelry.

  1. Wear it on yourself

Unlike precious jewelry, rocker jewelry looks better when displayed through the way you wear it than being enclosed in a jewelry box. Stylize your everyday casual wear with the different items in your jewelry and try suggesting it to your guests. Make sure to match your entire outfit so you can truly look the part. Apply some make up, put on rocker chic clothes and play rock songs to complete the vibe.

  1. Use Space around your Store

Rocker chic are often bold, somewhat rebellious and mysterious. Make sure your whole store get this mood every time someone checks out your items. Display your items by using different necklace display cases that often symbolizes the rocker attitude like musical instruments, sneakers, skateboards, and other materials.

  1. Reflect the real rock star lifestyle

Make your store a spot where people will come together to exchange fashion tips and rock star experiences. Get to know your clients and discover what they would love to find on their jewelry store. Entertain them with other fun activities or informative contents inside your store so they can easily relate to your products and business.

Discover new ways to recreate your wholesale jewelry store. Keep people interested by keeping your jewelry display unique and constantly updated.


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