Fun and Eco-friendly Ways of Gift Wrapping Jewelry

After surviving the Holiday rush and completing your shopping list, the next challenge will be wrapping your gifts creatively and efficiently. While there are a lot of ways to wrap your gifts, there are some ways to make your gift fun, interesting and eco-friendly. 

Here’s a fact. A big part of waste produced during the holiday season comes from discarded gift wrappers and boxes. That means a lot of wasted resources that can be used in creating other more important things than holding a gift. But as more and more people becomes more committed in helping our environment, eco friendly ways of gift packing is fast becoming popular.

This blog will show you some quick tips on how you can creatively pack your wholesale jewelry using items that you already have.

1.    Old newspapers and magazine

Don’t just let newspaper and magazines sit untouched under your coffee table or top of bookshelves. Wrap your gifts and giveaways using colorful magazines or old newspapers for that old and rustic look. You can even try creating paper ribbons or flowers to decorate your gifts to make it look more spectacular.

2.    Handkerchief or Cloth Napkin

Make your gift more personal by wrapping it with a handkerchief or any kind of fabric. Choose a handkerchief that has cute patterns or designs for that eye candy look. Add a gift tag for your wholesale fashion jewelry and include a short message to the ones you love. If you still have time, you can quickly sew a pouch or a small bag where you can securely put your jewelry gifts.

3.    Brown Paper Bag and recycled boxes

Instead of just discarding brown paper box from your nearby shopping stores , you can use it a wrapper for jewelry boxes and other gift items. If you have spare buttons or ribbons, attached it on the box using white or hot glue.

4.    Native baskets

Support local entrepreneurs or charity organizations who are selling native baskets and holiday ornaments. It comes in different colors and sizes that can easily match your gift. Native baskets and other handmade crafts last longer than other packaging so they can use it in other purpose or recycle it into something better next holiday.

5.    Jars and Tins

Look around for storage jars and tin cans in your kitchen and look for something that can be used to store your gifts. Just clean it up, and redesign it using other recycled materials in your home. You will be surprised how much you can actually save just by using different items in your kitchen instead of buying at a local store.

This Holiday season, we can all do our share to make our world a better place. Let’s set aside some of our time to do something that can help reduce waste and support environmental projects.


  1. Great tips, thanks for sharing. :)
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