The 5 People You will Meet In Your Jewelry Store

One thing fun about having your own jewelry business is the opportunity to meet different people every day. These people bring with them their own personal preference, favorite color or type of jewelry, and different shopping behavior. Meeting different types of customers in your wholesale jewelry store everyday means you should treat each of them differently and provide services according to their needs.

 Getting to know your customers and understanding their shopping habit can give you valuable information that will keep you guided in your marketing strategy and business development. Take your business to a whole new level and provide better customer service by knowing who you’re dealing with everyday.


Here are 5 people you are most likely to meet in your jewelry store. 

The Loyal Follower 

She’s the one who had been a constant shopper in your jewelry store in the past year and generally had a great shopping experience about your products and services. The more frequent they visit your store it will be easier for you to communicate with them. Use this advantage by asking their input on how you can further your business or what other things they want to see in your store. Make them feel how much you valued their loyalty by giving them rewards through discounts, promos or members only sale.

The Bargain Hunter 

You will meet these people especially when you’re having clearance sale, holiday sale, end of season sale and other events where you offer large markdowns in your jewelry items. While they are key contributor in your cash flow, they can also cost you some money especially when they haggle on items that are already on sale. Learn how to negotiate and know when to stand firm on your product listings. Also don’t forget to suggest other items that are not on sale and give them reason why it’s great to purchase those things without waiting for the next payday sale.

The Impulsive Buyer 

I personally know someone who will buy an accessory just because she thinks it’s beautiful. It doesn’t matter if she’s already out of her budget, or she already has a lot of cubic zirconia rings in her collection. As long as she finds value in your products, she won’t hesitate to open her wallet and drop some money on the counter. The key in keeping them interested? Make sure you have fresh stocks and trendy jewelry pieces to keep their eyes glued in your jewelry display.

The Need-Based Customer 

austrian-crystal-ringThey will most likely stick with the staples and will only b
uy on occasions that they need to dress up like weddings, holiday parties or romantic dates. And because they won’t be going for the spiked bracelets or multiple earrings, having pearls or silver necklaces on display can make their life a lot easier. The trick is to give them an excellent service as to encourage them to become your loyal customer then you can have an added entry to the list of your brand’s loyal followers.

The Window Shoppers 

Do you just ignore this kind of customer? Well, yes and no. Window shoppers want to take their time to see what you have in your store's necklace display stands, and they definitely will appreciate it if you can just allow them to without following them everywhere they go. The thing is, other ladies prefer looking around at different stores first before they come back to make their purchase. So if you’re ignoring window shoppers you might miss a lot of potential buyers and even potential loyal customers.

As much as possible, try to accommodate everyone who step inside your store and encourage them to come back and check out other products in your store. By getting to know your customers you are one step closer to providing them with the right wholesale jewelry item they need in their day to day fashion.

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