4 Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas for Jewelry

Jewelry and accessories are some of the most common gift ideas come Holiday season. It’s available in different shopping centers, lightweight and is usually affordable depending on the type and quality of the jewelry. If you have jewelry loving friends or family members, you can definitely find different styles and designs of jewelry to fit their taste and personality.


Shopping for the trendiest fashion rings at different wholesale jewelry stores or fashion boutiques can be sure fun but thinking of unique ways to pack your gifts can be a little challenging. When thinking of a gift packaging for your jewelry, you must look for something that can protect the materials of the jewelry but will also add character to your gift.

To give you some ideas, here are some ways on how you can prepare your jewelry as gifts this Holidays.

Eco Friendly Gift Wrap

Going eco-friendly when it comes to your Holiday jewelry packaging needs time and creativity but is totally worth it. It will not only save you some extra bucks but will also help you get rid of some recyclable items in your home. If you have old newspapers or colorful magazine, you can use it as an alternative for the usual gift wrappers. You can also use used small boxes and ribbons from past Holidays or celebrations to save money and resources.

Colorful Tin Cans

Just buy some simple tin cans in department stores or craft stores in your area and use your creativity to glam up your packaging. You beatify the cans with stickers or by using some beads and ribbons to add elegance to your packaging. Remember to put bubble wrap or special fabric to keep your fashion ring or dangling earrings in place and protect it from any damage.

Hand sewn pouches

If you have a talent in sewing, why not add a personal touch to Holiday gifts and create your very own jewelry pouches? Make everything personalized by sewing the initials of your friends or painting it with fabric paints. Create different sizes of jewelry pouches to fit different kinds of jewelry from statement necklaces to dangling earrings and chunky bracelets.

Glass jar or battles

Make your gift look a little whimsical by putting it inside a small glass jar. Spice it up by using large ribbon, colorful buttons and sequins. This way, you can highlight the beauty of each piece of jewelry and make it more appealing to your loved ones. Plus it can also serve as storage for their other accessories.

Don’t just settle with store bought gift wrappers or jewelry boxes. Show your creative side and make your loved ones feel more special with unique jewelry packaging. Ready to go shopping? Visit online wholesale jewelry stores or jewelry boutiques near you!


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