How to Create Catchy Display for Vintage Jewelry

When it comes to your jewelry business, bringing out your creativity and imagination to create an impressive display can extremely help the image and popularity of your store. A well-planned display highlights your product and can give more value to your jewelry pieces, encouraging more people to come and check out your products.

Vintage Jewelry Display

In this blog, we’re going to give you some ideas on how to create a stunning display that will highlight the beauty and luxury of vintage jewelry. Inspired by the fashion ideas from few decades ago, vintage jewelry has the charm and elegance that cannot be found in other types of jewelry.

With the use of some unique items, you can instantly bring your customers back in time where they have unlimited access to beautiful and dashing jewelry.

Here is your guide in displaying vintage necklace in an eye catching way.

1.    Choose your colors

Vintage jewelry comes in rustic colors and detail that makes it a real stand out. To highlight your vintage necklaces and bracelets, choose display busts or cases in light cream or light brown color. Linen displays are also great for this type of jewelry as it looks more natural and classic. Remember to use just two to three shades of colors for a more uniformed look. 

2.    Be creative in choosing your props

Using background and props are great way to make a story with your jewelry display. Some items like old books, miniature vases, toys and chic dolls are perfect addition to your display. Use these items to mount your jewelry or to bring visual variety to your table display.

3.    Invest in high quality jewelry display busts and stands

One important way to make an impression with your customers is to let them experience your jewelry by touching it or by trying it on. Placing your jewelry in necklace display stands, busts or mannequins will help them imagine what it’s like to wear a certain piece of jewelry on their body. Wood or Velvet displays are great in showcasing vintage jewelry in any retail store. Make sure to present your collection in quality jewelry displays to make it more visible against other pieces in your store.

4.    Keep your display neat and organized

Decorating your display table can be really exciting especially when you get to create a unique showcase of jewelry for your clients. But aside from that, you also have to make sure that your display won’t get easily jumbled when customers try to pick up your pieces.

As much as possible put considerable space between your items so your table won’t look too busy and crowded. Just pick few pieces from your collection and hide the rest in a separate shelf or storage box under the table. This way you only have to take out different items according to your customer’s needs or requests.

5.   Use the right lighting for your display

Create the right environment for your jewelry collection by using the right lighting in your jewelry store. Using yellow lights or dimmer light in your store creates a more classic look around the store and helps your customers to feel more relaxed while they’re choosing their jewelry. If you’re using class shelves to display your luxury pieces, install the right kind of lighting to emphasize their quality and glamour.


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