Trendy Jewely from the 90s that You Would Still Love to Wear

90's inspired Jewelry
There were times when our parents tell us about how things were back in the days. Like how those polka dot bangles actually looked cool and how hoop earrings used to look sexy but not exactly slutty. And then, there is now. With the not-so-sudden twist of fate, it’s now our turn to tell the next generation our back-in-the-days story, that is if you were born in the 80s or 90s.

Remember the glory days when we used to rock the choker necklaces and when friendship bracelets actually meant something? Wait, that’s already almost three decades ago?

Fortunately, fashion trends come and go. But let’s admit it, there are a lot of great things that happened in the 90s that make us feel nostalgic sometimes. If you’re still hung up with the 90s fashion, there are some ways to wear it without looking old-fashioned.

Below are some fashion trends from the 80s and 90s that you can still wear today.


Thanks to popular designers and fashion models, we still get to enjoy this wholesale jewelry trend, and it’s so much better this time around. They come in bold, exciting styles that can make even the most ordinary tops look runway-worthy. Find chocker necklaces in gold or large chunky crystal stones to create a stunning look that will definitely turn heads wherever you go.

Chain necklaces

Back in the days, we all love to wear some bling to keep our clothes look stylish. Thankfully, as we mature we also find our fashion sense level up a bit. But some good things like gold chain necklaces are just too good to let go. Thankfully, gold chain necklaces are still in nowadays, especially those that comes with a gorgeous piece of leather.

Neon Jewelry

Come on! It’s not entirely bad then and definitely not bad today. With the way neon colors are incorporated in the most popular jewelry designs, you will eventually forgive people for wearing this upbeat wholesale jewelry. Cocktail rings or statement necklaces in neon colors can work wonders especially this summer. Invest in a few pieces and wear it to give your outfit a whole new look.

How about you? What’s your favorite 90s trend that you would love to wear today? Share your thoughts with us!


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