Tips on Finding Jewelry Design Inspiration

 If you’re into jewelry designing or creating, you might have experienced a dry spell when it comes to inspiration and ideas. This state can be a little frustrating, especially if you’re chasing deadlines or there’s a show coming up in just a few days.

Although we all vary when it comes to what inspires us the most, it is important to do something to keep yourself inspired not only when creating jewelry but in designing necklace display as well.

Here are some tips that you can try.

1. Take a break

Sometimes, designing and creating jewelry can be tiring too. If you’ve been missing a good night’s sleep or been skipping your meals lately, it’s time to take some time off and rest your tired hands and mind. Do other things that can make you happy like spending time with your family or doing other activities that interests you the most.

2. Visit other jewelry stores and boutiques

Every once in a while it’s important to go out of your workstation and take a look at what other jewelers are offering to their customers. Take note of the materials used in popular jewelry styles or the way they create their bracelet and necklace displays. This simple trip can give you an idea on how you can recreate your designs to come up with better jewelry and accessories.

3. Draw inspiration from popular celebrities or someone you personally know

Think about her personality, her fashion style and other preferences. Think of the latest event in her life. What color combination can best describe her? Is she more casual and chic or classic and formal? Sometimes, creating a piece of jewelry for a specific person, instead of creating a piece that everybody will love, gives you the freedom to come up with something unique and exceptional. Try doing this when you’re running out on ideas and you will be surprised with your finished products.

4. Watch a movie or visit an art museum

Sometimes, all you need is a little spark to let your creative juices flow again. A good way to unblock your creativity is by looking at other piece of art like paintings, or listening to songs or even watching quality movies. Keep a note pad with you so you can sketch design ideas wherever you go.

5. Recreate or repurpose old jewelry pieces

Do you have a pile of discarded jewelry display pieces from previous shows or seasons? Why not dedicate some time to update it into a trendy piece? It’s a good way to tackle unused items in your inventory and a great way to practice your creativity without wasting raw materials.

Running out of design inspiration is totally normal. When you’re experiencing this stage, consider it as challenge to get back up again and become better at what you love doing. Don’t forget to use this opportunity to rest, learn and experiment so you can go back to creating jewelry for your beloved customers.


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