Stack ‘em up: How to Wear Multiple Rings

Celebrities with Multiple Rings (Photo Credit: Shop Talk)
Wearing multiple rings is now becoming more and more popular among celebrities and fashion savvy ladies. It doesn’t just bring attention to your long flawless fingers but it can also create quite an impression about your style.

   Although styling this trend looks simple, there is more to wearing multiple rings than just putting one ring after the other.  If you’re ready to take your love for fashion rings to a new level, now is the time to learn how to wear this trend and start glamming up your everyday look.

How to combine multiple rings

Combining multiple rings can be a little bit tricky, but if you find the best combination that especially goes well with your outfit, the outcome can be really pleasing. The general rule for combining rings is to wear different items that look alike or at the least made from same materials. Let silver rings go together and let beaded rings come in same patterns or hues. This way, the different rings you wear can form single seamless style that looks good on the eye. 
  • Creating a pattern     

Another way to wear multiple rings is by creating a pattern. Put together adorable wholesale fashion jewelry with bright color then alternate it with darker colors to create a harmonious contrast. You can also do a monochrome by combining rings in black and white. Wearing rings in different sizes or thickness can also be an option. Mix and match different rings to achieve a pattern that looks good on your fingers.
  • Color Pop

If you want to wear a bunch of silver rings, adding some colors can make it extra glamorous. Pick a ring that has a big stone or beads and wear it among silver or gold rings to break the monotony of your accessories.
  • Choose light weight rings

 This is a common problem that you can encounter when wearing big statement rings. It’s sometimes too heavy or too big that it begins to make your finger movement limited.  If want to wear multiply rings it will make life a lot easier if you choose light weight rings. Heavy rings can be heavy for your fingers and even heavier for those who will look at your rings.

When it comes to fashion, you can go as far as you want or wear as much as you can as long as you feel comfortable and confident with it. What you wear is only an expression of yourself so don’t be afraid to show your edgy, adventurous and even crazy side every once in a while.


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    Enjoy your day!

    Xoxo, Vcitoria

  2. Very useful post! Shared on twitter. :)
    I have a lot of rings but they are in different styles, so they won't look good together. :/

  3. pretty cool if you ask me!

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