Eternity Thing as Fashion Jewelry: Nay or Yay?

 From being a symbol of unending love given by the husband to his wife during anniversary and different special occasions in their married life, eternity rings evolved into a fashion jewelry that is becoming popular among women. While different opinions about this item were expressed by jewelry wearers, it is definitely undeniable that this ring made a big impression in the world of fashion accessories.

Eternity Ring: What does it really mean?

 Used to symbolize eternal love and devotion, eternity rings are commonly worn on the right hand ring finger of married women. It is usually from gold or silver metal and is filled with a continuous line of identically cut gemstones. Different precious stones or cubic zirconia stones can be put in this ring giving it an extra touch of beautiful sparkling effect

Eternity Band as a Fashion Accessory


 A lot of jewelry loving ladies are raving about the beauty of this fashion find. Why wait for your man to buy you an eternity ring when you can just get one that perfectly suit your fingers and in the style that you want. The best thing about this ring is that it is so low profile that it’s easier to match with any kind of engagement ring and can even be worn together with your wedding band. Plus it has small stones all around the ring that gives out a sparkle that makes your hand more attractive.

The Downside

 On the other hand, ladies are voicing out their concerns in jewelry online forums about the drawback of this ring. The small stones surrounding this jewelry have the tendency to fall off with the slightest bump and slide on rough surfaces.

Hands on moms and those who want their jewelry to keep up with their active lifestyle opt to have ½ or ¾ eternity ring. This other kind of eternity ring only has a plain metal band on the insides of the ring making it safer against bumps and scratches. Aside from that, buying your eternity ring from a reliable wholesale fashion jewelry store that offers high quality rings can be a good way to go.

Another common concern about this jewelry is that it is almost impossible to have it resized or it takes a lot of money to have it repaired by a professional jeweler. On the lighter note, eternity ring can be easily replaced unlike your wedding band so you can always buy yourself a new one whenever you want.

If you already have solitaire ring, promise ring, and statement ring in your collection, adding this gorgeous jewelry piece can be pretty amazing.

How about you? How do you wear your eternity ring? Share us your thoughts!


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