Five Rings You will Wear in Your Lifetime

It’s amazing how some special things such as rings can signify the different stages of our life, and how it marks the most important events in our being. It becomes a significant part of our life with all the memories and promises they contain. Most importantly, it binds us closer to the people who give us our precious rings and it serves as a reminder of their love for us.

The different stages in a woman’s life can be signified by the kind of rings she wears and how she wears it. Below are some of the fashion rings that can become an important addition to your jewelry collection. 

Family Heirloom

Royal Family heirloom wedding ring

 If your family is one of those that keep an heirloom, and you’ve been chosen to wear it, you must be extremely fortunate. Heirloom ring is most likely to be an antique ring that has a precious stone on it and comes in classic design.

Heirloom rings are passed down from generation to generation depending on the tradition of the family. Some families give it to the eldest son to be given to his fiancée when they get engaged or married. Although not all women find wearing an heirloom to be romantic, others love the idea of continuing family heritage and stories.

College Rings

University of Houston College Ring
Remember those rings you wore back in your college days? That must be all part of an awesome memory now but surely there are a lot of incredible stories behind those rings. College rings symbolizes honor and pride you feel about your university and can be worn while you are still in the university or during special occasions like reunion and meet ups.

Friendship Rings

Friendship Ring

 A ring is also a popular symbol of friendship and is often worn among friends who promise to stay in touch despite distance and any changes in circumstances. Especially if you belong to a group of girls, a promise ring with identical or similar designs can work well for your group. This serves a reminder of their great friendship and your moments together.

Engagement Ring

Avril Lavigne's Engagement Ring
This ring is one of the things that signify the start of a big change in your life. From the moment he went down on his knees, to the time he said the magic words, to that heart stopping second you said YES, this pretty piece of jewelry served as an eye witness to that precious moment. An engagement ring is probably the most important ring in women’s collection of fashion jewelry. It is used to mark one of the most important parts of a woman’s life and serves as symbol of her man’s love and everlasting loyalty.  

 Wedding Band

Nothing beats the way a wedding band adorn your finger. It is a symbol of lifelong commitment and serves a circle of trust between husband and wife. This ring doesn’t need to be expensive, but what matters most is the willingness of both parties to live up to the promises that this ring may bring. A wedding ring is worn on the left ring finger and is often made up of gold or silver.

What make a ring extra special are the memories that go with it and the meaning behind this jewelry. No matter how many fashion rings you own in your lifetime, these rings will always have a special place in your collection.


  1. great post heather love it :) i really miss my college and friendship ring:)

  2. Love the post! I enjoy wearing my rings

  3. Completely agree, love your post! ;)

  4. very interesting and this post is true
    i love every rings :)

    Best wishes,
    Adhi Wahyudi

  5. Love you post =) Friendship rings a there with beautifull memmories

    1. Yeah they are so memorable. It will bring all those memories. *sighs* xoxox

  6. Love youre post!
    Friendshiprings a importent to me! The bare memories

    1. Yeah you're right. You can never forget how good the times you were with them. Thanks. :)

  7. This post is so meaningful. I'm in college now and I got 2 years ahead to graduate and I'm already anxious to wear the college ring. I used to have friendship rings but now I prefer bracelets for friends. Congrats!

    1. I feel great to inspire you. Good luck with your studies. :)

  8. Is that your college ring? It is beautiful! Thanks for sending the link via IFB.


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