How to Choose the Most Flattering Diamond Shape for Your Fingers

Let’s admit it. Just because a glitzy fashion jewelry shimmers in the most attractive way it doesn’t mean that it can suit our fingers all the time. Like the fairy tale princess Cinderella’s shoes, there are kinds of jewelry that is perfectly suited for our fingers like it was made especially for us. Unfortunately, there are also other fashion rings that look like they belong to someone else and just don’t really fit our personality at all.

Before you invest your money, your time and your effort in buying fashion jewelry, you must first consider what kind of jewelry can complement with each finger shape. Going into a jewelry store without the basic knowledge in jewelry is like coming to a war unarmed so before you go to your nearby jewelry store, here are the basic diamond shape and how it matches your fingers.

Round Diamonds

 The most popular diamond cut is by far the most expensive but definitely the most flattering for women. They are also often paired with earrings and pendants and look great on women with different styles and personalities. Most hand shapes can benefit from the glamorous effect of this diamond except for the ones that has shorter fingers.

Princess Cut Diamonds

 Nothing speaks royalty than a classic princess cut diamond rings. It’s a square stone with 90-degrees corner and looks dashing on plain silver setting. The better the cut and the more polished it look the more brilliant it will appear. Perfect for almost any hand shape, this type of jewelry can look great even on wider fingers.

Emerald Cut

If you have large and slender fingers, emerald cut ring can look appropriate for your fingers. Unlike other stones that have fancy shapes and cuts, emerald diamonds have fewer facets and are known for its being sleek and beautiful. This ring will surely make a statement about your creativity, individuality and uniqueness. Because this ring is highly sophisticated, it became one of the most popular heirloom diamonds today.

Heart Shaped Diamond
 The most romantic diamond cut and probably the most demanding to create. The heart shaped diamond requires great skill and dexterity of the diamond cutter but if it is done with a lot of expertise, it can be one of the most stunning among different diamond cuts. Flattering for short fingers and small hands, it can give your fingers an glamorous elongated look.
Before picking up a fashion jewelry, try out different diamond shapes and determine which of these give you the highest satisfaction. Go over to the list above and remember the important facts because it will surely be handy whenever you need a reference when buying diamonds.


  1. wow, when the right guy ask my hand in marriage, I hope he has great taste in rings. I love the princess and emerald cut

  2. Princess Cut Diamonds and Emerald Cut are fabulous in this post.

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