Different Types of Rings and How to Wear Them

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by a lot of amazing choices when you are buying rings for yourself or as a gift for someone else.  As for any other fashion jewelry items, it is important to carefully choose your rings depending on your lifestyle, purpose and taste. Although it’s nice to find a ring that perfectly suits your needs, wearing different types of rings from time to time allows you to perk up your look and gives an exciting variety to your fashion statement. 

Beaded Rings


If you are a fan of different beadworks and love the look of colorful stones on your fingers, beaded rings are for you. This type of rings ignites creativity and adds a dash of fun to your usual outfit. Aside from that, a little dose of imagination can help you create your own beaded jewelry and lets you adorn your fingers with unique creation that can absolutely steal everyone’s attention.

  •  How to wear beaded rings
Perfect for your spring, beaded rings can be paired with your casual spring dress or simple pants and tops outfit. Remember to match the color of the beads to the overall color of your outfit for a trendier look.              

Clustered Ring



This fashion jewelry is a combination of different stones and can look fantastically elegant on your fingers. If you have a ring that is handed down to you by your mother or something that is given to you as a gift but doesn’t fit you anymore, you can have it redesigned and put together with your other stoned ring.

  • How to Wear Clustered Ring
Come to a wedding, a dinner date, or any formal event and wear this to match your evening dress. The story behind your ring can be a conversation starter and can be used to impress the crowd. Keep your other accessories simple to let your ring stand out

Solitaire Ring



They say simplicity is beauty. If that’s the case, a solitaire ring must be the prettiest of all rings. Adorned with a single precious stone a solitaire ring speaks of elegance and luxury in its simplest form. Completed with a single precious stone such as diamond or other birth stone like ruby, sapphire or opal, this ring is a perfect gift for your mother or for a special someone. It can even serve as an engagement ring for the woman of your dreams. 

  • How to Wear Solitaire Ring
If you are wearing a very precious stone, it is best to just wear it during special occasions and special events to avoid the risk of it being lost or stolen. Otherwise, you can also opt to wear it every day especially if it is extremely expensive. Match other wholesale jewelry items with the color of your solitaire ring and achieve a glamorous look.
No matter what ring you wear on your finger, it is best to choose something that signifies your mood, personality and the occasion on which you are planning to wear it. Look for fashion inspirations from bloggers, models and celebrities to know which style can visit your lifestyle.


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