Jewelry Trend: 3 Piece Wedding Ring Set

A symbol of love, loyalty and commitment – that is how important a wedding ring is for most couples. It’s a remembrance of the day you both say yes to all the challenges of a married life. It is also one thing that keeps couples together no matter how distant they may seem from each other.

If you want to have a wedding band that will stand out from the rest, there is an ongoing fashion jewelry trend among couples that will surely capture anyone’s attention. It has the ability to all the wonderful memories of your special day and all the promises you made for each other on your wedding day.

3 Piece Wedding Set


 Wedding preparation can be very stressful but with all the busyness and hassles of organizing your special day, you definitely deserve the best on your day as a beautiful bride. Especially when it comes to your wedding band, you must only have something that is unique, personal and special.

One of the ongoing wedding jewelry trends is having a three piece wedding set that boasts intricately designed rings in vintage, classic and elegant styles. It consists of 2 eternity rings enclosing the engagement ring that has a prominent gemstone in the middle. It is designed to be worn together at all times keeping perfect three piece ring that flatters any finger shape and sizes.

Considerations before Choosing 3 Piece Wedding Ring Set


 Despite the beauty of this jewelry set, we must understand that this is not for everyone. This is only for those who want to make their wedding extra memorable and for those who want something that wants a taste of glamour and elegance on their wedding day. Those who are having big and fancy wedding will surely love the designs and intricacy of this 3 piece wedding ring.

When it comes to the budget, this is definitely pricier than other plain looking wedding set, but this will surely is worth your money as this can be beautifully worn for a long period of time depending on the quality of your fashion jewelry.

But for those budget savvy brides, having the same luxury is now possible. You can start searching online jewelry stores that sells affordable wedding set and compare prices until you find the best deals and steals when it comes to buying your wedding ring.

Your wedding day is definitely one of the most significant occasions in your life. So if you want to experience luxury and get something on your finger that will remind you of your true to life fairy tale, three piece wedding set is definitely for you.

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  1. This seems to be a very cute idea of choosing our wedding ring. The 3 pieces in the ring which symbolizes the life after our wedding!!


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