Summer Care Tips for Your Fashion Jewelry

Can’t wait to wear your sundress and fly away to your summer destination? I’m sure you’re all set for your weekend getaway! How about you’re summer accessories? Are they all ready too? Remember that the heat of the sun, dust and the humidity that goes with this season is not really friendly to you accessory collection and may even cause damage to your fashion jewelry collection.

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The trendiest looks this season are all accompanied by the most stylish accessories that are available in the market. While it’s fun to wear fashionable outfit while you’re out in the sun, we must always be conscious about the elements that may harm our jewelry. Here is a list of simple care tips that can help keep your accessories in their sparkling state.

Organize Your Jewelry Pieces

If you’re going to bring different pieces of jewelry on your vacation, bringing a portable jewelry box and necklace display cases are great ideas to keep your accessories in order. Bring with you a box that can properly accommodate all your jewelry and keep it in from being jumbled up together. Aside from it is utterly frustrating to find all your necklaces tangled together, it can also cause irreparable damage to your jewelry. If you don’t have a portable jewelry box, you can also individually put your jewelry inside a soft cloth pouches.

Get loose clasps and locks repaired

If you want to bring a favorite item on your fashion jewelry collection, make sure that the clasps, prongs, or locks are all in their best condition. It’s sad how a bracelet that looks perfect on your wrist will disappear even before you even step outside the plane. Bring your jewelry to repairman and have it repaired. Otherwise, leave it at home and take care of it as soon as you come back from your vacation.

Take it Off Whenever Necessary

I remember taking a boat ride to an island hopping last summer wearing my favorite summer jewelry piece. I loved how I look stunning in photographs because of my earrings but as soon as I got home, I realized the salt water damaged my earring and it’s a irreparably tarnish. Avoid this from happening by taking off your jewelry when you’re going for a swim or traveling by sea. If you can help it, take off your earrings whenever necessary so as not to compromise their quality and sparkle.

Remove Jewelry before Applying Sunblock

This is absolutely basic but we often see women putting lotion or perfume while wearing their engagement ring or gold necklace. These lotions contain chemicals that affect the quality of your fashion jewelry and may even get to crevices of your jewelry. Remove jewelry before applying anything on your body and make sure to keep in a safe place.

Keep these tips in mind so you can jump in the pool or have fun in the sun without worrying that you will come back home with a broken jewelry. Create happy memories and be smart wherever you are this season!


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