Wedding Bells: How to Accessorize Bridesmaid Dresses

A lot of brides will surely agree that one of the most exciting parts in planning a wedding is shopping for dresses. Aside from looking for the perfect bridal gown, it is also with great pleasure that the bride-to-be search for stylish yet elegant dresses for her bridesmaid. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Shopping for bridesmaid accessories is another item to check on the long list of things to do.

There are cute, chic, sexy, elegant and classic bridesmaid dresses and each can look even more so when paired with the right accessories. If you’re ready to go virtual shopping, here are some fashion jewelry pieces that can make the closest girls in your life look stunning on your wedding day.

Halter Dresses




Emphasizing delicate and flawless shoulders, this halter dress exposes the soft and chic side of your bridesmaid. Keep the accessories dainty and simple to perfect this look. Complement the simplicity of the dress with Dream Lover Drop Earrings and Crazy in Love Bracelet.

A plain haltered dress leaves more room to be playful with your earrings. The circle details on the bracelet complement the design of the earrings completing a perfectly pulled together look.

One Shoulder Neckline




Fun and flirty one shoulder dresses give an exciting twist to your bridesmaid dresses. Imagine being surrounded with different gorgeous ladies showing just enough of flawless skin for your day.

Necklace for this kind of dress can be a little distracting so better leave that accessory and pick some earrings instead. Invest on some jewelry pieces like impressive chandelier earrings and gold statement ring to your collection. That way you can easily achieve the fashion statement that you want for your bridesmaid.

V Neckline




Make a way for a sparkling pendant necklace and keep it as the focus of your bridesmaid accessories. Throw in some simple oval cut rhodium plated pendant on a V Neckline Dress and sparkle in simplicity and elegance on that special day. Pair with Lila’s Drop Earrings and create a truly eye catching look.

Strapless Dress




Emphasizing the delicate shoulder and soft neck of its wearer, a strapless gown is ever popular in many traditional or even modern day wedding. Choose a multi strand necklace for bold and fun look or single strap necklace for simple elegant look.

Most brides will surely take pleasure in looking at her ladies in their best outfit on her wedding day. Keep things simple, elegant and fun and let your bridesmaid thank you for your efforts later.   


  1. Very pretty dresses !

  2. Fabulous dresses!

    Xoxo, Victoria

  3. Again, gorgeous! I want to do a vow renewal just so I can wear a fabulous dress!

  4. That one-shoulder dress is to die for! Great tips!

  5. Yes! I usually don't like one-shoulder dresses but the one above is just too pretty!

  6. I love this v neckline length wedding dress. It’s almost simple and I like simple dresses. The jewelry wills also being showed on my bride’s neck in this dress.
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  8. Wow!That is amazing,I like this wedding dress.


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