Tangle Free Jewelry: How to keep your fashion jewelry organized

It’s fun to bring different pieces of jewelry when traveling on vacation or on weekend getaways. It adds fun and creative accents in your clothes while showing a unique statement about your fashion sense anywhere you go. But keeping a collection of jewelry entails the challenge of keeping them organized especially when traveling. So how do you really save yourself from untangling your jewelry time and again?

Every jewelry piece you own is a gem and we understand your desire to bring them wherever you go. And don’t worry, you’re allowed to carry as much fashion jewelry collection as you want, if only you know how to keep them organized inside your bag. With little creativity and resourcefulness you can pack your all your jewelry and pick each one of them in a hassle free way.

Option 1. Ziploc bags and make up bags for Necklace

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 Instead of stuffing necklaces and bracelets inside a make up bag, why not keep everything in order by first putting them individually in reliable zip lock plastic bags? Because it’s transparent you can easily see what’s inside each necklace display bag so you can pick which one to wear when you need it most. Put all your packed jewelry inside a make up bag so you can easily get you jewelry collection. Remember to put the make up bag in a safe part of your luggage to keep it from being bumped or crashed by your other items in your luggage.

Option 2. For Earrings

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If you have purchased a new pair of earrings, keep the earring tags so you can reuse it when you need to pack your jewelry when traveling. If you don’t have it, you can also create some DIY earring tags to hold your pair of earrings together instead of loosing one piece of your earrings. Cut a card stack or index card in small squares and pierce a hole enough for the clasps of the earrings. Put the card stack with earrings inside a zip lock bag to keep your jewelry scratch free.

Option #3 for Fashion Rings

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Buy a 7 day pill cases and shoot the fashion rings in each compartment to make sure that each one won’t be scratched or broken with the pressure inside your bag or luggage. It can also be a good way to plan your accessories while keeping them organized all day. Make sure the pill case is properly sealed to avoid losing your fashion jewelry along the way.

The general rule when packing jewelry is that the accessories that are made from the same material should go together (gold with gold, beaded jewelry with all the beaded jewelry and wooden accessories with the rest of necklaces made from wood and other materials). This is to make sure that your jewelry won’t be exposed to harmful elements or won’t get unpleasant scratches when you unpack them at home. Travel fashionably with this tips and tricks today!

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