Fall Season’s Hottest Accessories and How to Display it

The cold weather and crisp air is just a proof that fall season is truly well on its way. As temperature continues to drop, shoppers will surely be in the look out for some accessories to keep their fall to winter outfit fashionable and stylish.

Ways To Display Your Hottest Accessories During Fall Season

Aside from chunky necklaces and statement earrings, seasonal items such as hats, gloves, sunglasses and scarves are also popular this season. Update your store with this season’s latest fashion trends and keep your jewelry display fresh, popular and trendy.

Here are some of the most useful tips on how to display this season’s hottest fashion accessories.

Jewelry and Ways to Display Them During FallJewelry

 Since people will be mostly covered up with layers of clothing this season, many may opt to wear little to no jewelry at this time of the year. However, chunky necklaces and earrings are still popular choice among fashion savvy ladies so make sure to keep these items available in your store.

To create a catchy necklace display, you can use velvet display stand or polystyrene bust to hold chunky necklaces. A dress form mannequin is also a great choice when it comes to displaying long or multi layer necklaces.

For statement earrings, you can use finger shape displays in various sizes or showcase ring trays to showcase your ring collection. Fancy ring displays like this mini shoes display is also a great idea, especially if you’re aiming for a shabby chic theme for your jewelry store.

Trendy Scarves For Fall Season



This accessory is definitely one of this season’s must have. Let them take the spotlight by displaying it in a visible area in your retail store. You can use scarf display rack to showcase different scarf designs and styles. If you’re into DIY stuff, you can also use curtain rod to create a layer of display in your retail store. Using a dress form mannequin will also help in highlighting this season’s best accessories. Purchase different mannequins and dress it up to fit this season’s fashion trends.




Complete this season’s accessories with different trendy hats. Use spinning hat displays to make it more accessible to your customers or hang it on the wall to create an attractive display in your retail store.

Display this season’s greatest fashion finds creatively and invite more shoppers into your store this season.


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