Jewelry Trends That Were Hot this 2015!

We’re already in the middle of 2015, a safe time to name the list of jewelry trends that made it in the fashion runway. We saw the models strut the runway with them and the celebrities donning them.

• Longer necklaces and bold chokers. 

Longer necklaces and bold chokersBold chokers and longer necklaces

 The long necklaces and chokers are back from the past according to what Amanda Gizzi of Jewelers of America and Amanda Tropila of the Platinum Guild International. And yes, we’ve already seen them in the recent fashion shows and runways.

"We’re seeing longer chains, especially in gold, and multiple pendants on one chain, more substantial pendants but nothing too big,” said Amanda Gizzi, Jewelers of America’s director of public relations and special events. "Look for the Y trend to resurface too, with a new emphasis on layering."

“We’re seeing more chokers lately, some metal-intensive, a lot of vintage styles,” Tropila said. “We’re still seeing long necklaces and pendants, cool charms, delicate layers, but chokers seem to be up-and-coming.”

• Body chains

Body chains

I don’t know how but I first seen this trend on the body of Beyonce, and I knew back then that it was going to be a hit!  This body jewelry makes jumpsuits, maxi dresses, and cutoff jean shorts more seductive. So who’s wearing this stuff aside from Tay, well there’s Honey B, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Brandy, and Victoria's Secret models. This style is not only seen in clubs but also in the beach. Yes, we’ve seen Christina Millian takes her statement chain to the beach, hitting the sand in a multi-color graphic string bikini and her bold two-piece with an oversize gold body chain.

Indeed, this fashion statement is a dainty and sexy move on the trendy list this year.

• One-sided earrings

One-sided earrings

The trend was a hit back in the 80’s but when the models Céline, Louis Vuitton and Isabel Marant walk down the runway with just one earring these recent fashion shows, we knew ths is going to be a trend again. According to Elle Fashion, some daring single earring you should try this fall are “Fendi's feather earring, Zara's geometric dangler, or Erickson Beamon's cuff that was paired with a double-breasted coat and strappy platforms à la Céline.”

Want some inspiration to wear this fashionable jewelry? Emma Watson, our sweetheart, is a big fan of this fashion statement. She happens to be the absolute master of the single earring trend. Look at this slideshow to get some tips on how to rock a one-stud earring.

• Ear climbers

Ear climbers

“Ears, in general, are going to continue to be important,” said Tropila. "I think you’re going to see designers expand on ear climbers in particular.”

While Gizzi said, “Ear climbers are doing fabulously, with so many different styles available. But the trick is they have to fit the ear. Every woman’s ear is shaped differently and larger cuffs don’t fit every ear.”

These ear climbers took off last year after several celebrities walked the red carpet in lobe-hugging pearls and diamonds such as Rashida Jones, Lupita Nyong’o and Sandra Bullock.


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