Spring Jewelry Trends 2014

Winter may not be a great season to accessorize as we were perpetually covered in long sleeves and thick coat. But now that spring is already here, we can once again pick up different pieces of jewelry and combine to form a fashion forward look.

If you have been to jewelry stores lately and have seen their earring and necklace display stand for this season, you will be pleased with the different trendy items in the market today. Last year’s spring trend was dominated by color blocked jewelry and emerald green. This year, we’re about to enjoy entirely different trend that will surely please the fashion savvy ladies.

Here are some of the things that you should look out for this spring season in jewelry department.

1.    Collar necklaces



Look at how jewelry stores style their necklace display to make way for this lovely piece of jewelry. This statement-making type of jewelry is hard to miss especially when paired with your best weekend dress.

Plus, you will surely never run out of styles to choose from as this year’s trend is complete from those that are made from metal, beads, pearls and crystals. Perfectly frame your face with these lovely necklaces and look fashion forward wherever you go.

2.    Remarkable Pendant


Punctuate your gold chain necklace with one of a kind pendant to suit your outfit. This year, you’re going to see a lot of unique pendants that you haven’t seen before in the fashion scene. Instead of usual precious stones, we can expect something whimsical, fierce or even naughty.

3.    Multi-layered necklace


This is a trend that we’ve been enjoying for a while now. But this year, it’s going to be bolder and more colorful. Gone were the days when a simple necklace is enough. Look at different jewelry stores and you will see different impressive multi-layered necklace that you will love to add to your collection.

4.    Long Necklaces



If you’re not into wearing multiple necklaces, you can still emphasize your style by wearing long necklaces that goes down to your navel. Whether it’s pearl necklaces or gold chain, you can easily make your outfit stand out with this lengthy necklace.

Are you excited with this year’s fashion trends? Share your tips on how to wear this year’s trends in the comment section.

Image Credits: flickr


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