3 Jewelry Wearing Mistakes to Avoid When Going on a Date

Everybody wants to look good on a date. It helps send out the right signals when on a first date and also keeps things spicy with a long time partner. Most ladies even spend days or hours planning the perfect outfit, just to make sure they look their best on that special moment.

Being in our best self and looking great for a date helps boost our confidence. It makes it easier to focus on getting to know your date and having a great time instead of worrying about the way we look every minute.


When it comes to dressing up, we have to make sure that we’re wearing something that highlights our best assets and hides away our flaws. Accessorizing our outfit with an interesting necklace we bought from a wholesale jewelry store or fashion boutique even makes our dress look more interesting. But we have to make sure we’re wearing it the right way or we may end up looking awkward or even trashy.

In this blog, we’re going to give you 3 jewelry wearing mistakes that you should always avoid when going on a date.

1.    Wearing too much jewelry

The earrings, necklace or bracelet you’re wearing should only be worn to accentuate your look. But if it’s beginning to look out of place, your beauty might get lost in the glitter and glamour of your jewelry pieces. Don’t distract your date with your accessories but try to keep it simple and elegant instead.

Look at your dress before deciding on what kind of wholesale jewelry to wear. If your dress has too much detail, a simple stud earring might be enough. But if you want to glam up your simple dress, wear a statement necklace then keep the rest of your accessories at a minimum. Remember to look for balance and to create a focal point instead of wearing too much jewelry.

2.    Being too matchy-matchy

Matching the style of your dress with your accessories is a must. However, matching everything you’re wearing from head to toe, might cause to end up looking plain and boring. Go for variety and make sure the way you’re wearing your accessories matches your personality – fun, interesting and unique.

Wearing matching accessories is too ordinary and outdated. Look at your jewelry collection and try to mix and match different pieces for more fashionable look.

3.    Following fashion fads – even if they’re clearly not for you

Being stylish is one thing but wearing something just because they’re in is another. If you’re not sure about how a certain fashion trend may look on you, skip it. When going on a date, it’s best to go for something you’re comfortable with so you can just look great and forget about everything else.

If you’re going for a formal date, classic and conventional accessories like pearl necklace or gold thin strand necklace is still a fool proof choice. But if your date invites you to a casual weekend, you can be a little adventurous by wearing statement necklace and large earrings. No matter what, remember one of the most popular fashion rules: dress according to the occasion.

Dressing up for a date doesn’t have to be because you’re trying to impress the person you’re going out with. Be yourself and wear the right wholesale jewelry that makes you feel great and everything else will just follow.


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