5 Easy to Remember Tips on How to Take Care of Your Wedding band

He made the effort to find the perfect ring for you and you made the commitment to take care of it when you said yes. So years after you exchanged vows and heartfelt I do’s, what has become your engagement ring and wedding band? I hope they’re still shining and shimmering like your love for your better half.

Taking care of the most precious rings in your life is almost as necessary as taking care of your marriage. That precious stoned ring is the symbol of your love and commitment to your partner so why not keep it clean and gunk free? I’m sure the husband will love looking at those fingers finely adorned with sparkling wholesale jewelry.


So how do you keep your ring bright and beautiful even after years of wearing it? Well, it’s all about good habit. Plus the right knowledge on how to keep those rings lovely through the years can surely help.

Here are my tips on taking care of your engagement ring and wedding band.

1.    Remember to take it off

Before plunging in the swimming pool, or doing a rough cleaning or gardening, remember to take those rings off. They are not meant to be ridden with dirt or any harmful chemicals so don’t forget to pull the rings off your finger.

If you’re wearing a precious jewelry and you want to keep its beauty for a long time, you may even consider taking it off before going to bed. Sleeping with your ring on can cause extra pressure and rubbing that can easily wear down your jewelry.

2.    Have a secure storage for your rings

A safe jewelry box where you can put your rings when you take it off is definitely a must. This is not only to preserve your jewelry, but to keep it away from thieves as well. Make sure your jewelry box is made from non abrasive materials and has secured locks to keep it safe especially when you’re traveling.

3.    Don’t forget to brush it up

Dedicate at least 5 to 10 minutes of your day to clean your rings and other wholesale jewelry. Do it at least twice a month. Use toothpaste or liquid dish soap then brush it off using a soft toothbrush. Brush it lightly over the crevices of your engagement ring to take away dirt and gunk. Rinse with warm water and dry them up before putting it back on.

4.    Have it resized and repaired by a professional

As we grow old, our finger size may change depending on our lifestyle and activities. Make sure to bring your ring to your trusted jeweler to have it repaired and resized to fit your fingers. This will prevent further damage and may even prevent it from getting lost.

5.    Keep it safe while traveling

If you’re scheduled for a weekend trip with friends or family, keep a travel ready jewelry case for your ring and other precious accessories. When packing it with your other jewelry, put it in its original jewelry box or a pouch before putting inside your bag.

Don’t take for granted something that means the world to you. Take care of your wedding band and make your love last with proper care and maintenance.


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