What to Look for When Buying an Engagement Ring

Maybe you’re not interested in rings or any designer fashion jewelry at all. Maybe you haven’t even stepped inside a jewelry store yet. Maybe you don’t really bother yourself with gold, silver, titanium, diamonds, inclusions, setting or any other jewelry jargons.

But all those things are about to change, especially now that you’re about to ask the magic question to the woman of your dreams. If you’re ready to kneel down on one knee and begin your journey to forever, it’s time to take the crash course on jewelry -specifically, engagement rings.

Here are some things that you should look for when buying an engagement ring.

1. Style




Maybe it won’t even come as a surprise to you. Girls put high regards on the style of everything they wear, especially their accessories. So before you think of finding the easy way out and buying the first ring you see on display, think again. Look for a style that fits her personality and her taste most especially her lifestyle. You just want everything that can make her happy and a unique engagement ring can be your best weapon.

2. The Stone




Did they say “diamond is a girl’s best friend?” Well, since you’re going to marry her, maybe it’s just right to learn a thing or two about this “best friend” of hers. Read about basic different kinds of gemstones and how to spot high quality ones. You must also read about the different cut of diamonds (round, princess, pear, oval or heart) and determine which will look great on her delicate fingers.

3. The Quality




Since you’re going to give something that you wish can last forever, or something close to that, you should also look for the ring that can fit her finger for a long period of time. Look for a jeweler that is known for his high quality works and make sure that no part of the engagement ring will fall off as soon as you put it on her fingers. Also consider choosing a metal that will look stunning even when worn everyday. Start reading about different kinds of metals and what will suit your preference.

4. The Right Price




Some fashion jewelry store price their items way over than what it is really worth. Start reading reviews, recommendations and buying tips before heading to a jewelry store. Consider your budget and be upfront with your jeweler about your price range. The bottom line is that, you don’t need to spend an entire fortune just for a decent engagement ring. All you need is something that will symbolize your intentions and will make that special day as memorable as possible.

Most of these things will be fairly easy, but in case you don’t understand something, go ask Google about it. Don’t worry about going through all these hassle just to get the best ring for your ladylove. I can only assure you that all your efforts will be rewarded with a sweet “YES” and everything will be worth it.


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