Tabletop Jewelry Display Tips

As soon as a customer walks inside your jewelry store, you only have few minutes to convince them to purchase an item from your collection. During these precious minutes, the customer will determine if you are worth his time and money or if it’s a better idea to just jump to the next jewelry store.

One of the first few things that people will notice in your store is how you create a tabletop display of your jewelry collection. From the materials you use to the way you organize each item, a customer can quickly tell if you’re really an expert in your industry or if you don’t spend enough time to engage to set up your necklace display cases.

Here’s a short list of tips that can help you create an impressive tabletop display.

  • Use a table that matches your store decoration

You can choose from wood, metal or glass depending on the look that you want to achieve. Wood tables look cozy and natural. It’s perfectly fits if you are selling handmade jewelry or accessories made from natural materials like wood, pearls or shells. But if you’re into contemporary jewelry, metal tables can work just fine. Choose a table that has cute details to complement formal jewelry like engagement rings, wedding bands, and gemstone necklaces.

  • Use different types of jewelry display

Create a unique arrangement by using different kind of display. Use busts to display necklaces, ramp for bracelets and showcase trays for rings. Having different types of display cases help create a more organized look instead of lining up different types of jewelry on your table top.
When buying a necklace display, look for quality busts or showcase trays that can keep your products in place and protect your items in case of accidents.

  • Add a pop of color

Spice up your display by adding some colorful accents like flowers, doll display, or other DIY decoration. This is a great way to draw the attention of your customers towards your display. Plus it also shows your creativity and ingenuity as a jewelry seller. Look for blogs or YouTube videos that give you tips or tutorials to help you improve your display. You can also join communities or forums so you can ask your fellow jewelry seller for tips in case you’re running out of ideas.
Make sure that it’s properly lighted

Lighting is essential in creating a standout table top display. Put your table in an area where there is enough lighting to bring out the beauty of your jewelry collection.


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