Using Instagram to Boost Your Jewelry Sales

The exciting world of social media has served as a great platform to let people connect with each and share different experiences across the world. For years, it has been dominated by two most popular social media sites in the world. But just when we thought that Facebook and Twitter already won the loyalty of many netizens, Instagram came to make it even more remarkable by allowing people to share moments through great images.


But Instagram isn’t just for individuals. Recently, businesses also discovered the magic of this social media hub and decided to use it to reach more people and establish wider customer base. If you’re into selling accessories or jewelry, this social media platform can be a great tool to increase brand awareness and drive more people into your store.

Need some tip on how you can maximize Instagram for your jewelry business? Here are my tips.

Show what you are doing

When handling social media pages for your business, it’s important to keep things personal and relatable. One sure way to do this is to show people what you are doing in your jewelry store and even in your personal times. Aside from posting photos of your necklace display stands and latest jewelry collection, you can also post some behind the scene pics and sneak peek of some products before they reach the display window. This way, people will feel more connected with you and will be glad to share and like your posts.

Engage people

Contrary to the popular belief, handling social media for businesses isn’t just about posting quality content. You should also dedicate some of your time to like, comment and visit your customer’s pages. Responding on people’s comment on your page is also a great opportunity to establish connection with your audience and is definitely worth your time. Don’t forget to mention a person’s name to make it more personal and keep your tone lively and conversational.

Use Hashtag

Hashtag has been a popular feature in different social media platforms. In Instagram, using the proper hashtag allows your post to be more available to wider audience. However, it is important to note that consistently using a few hashtags is more effective than using random tags on each of your posts. You can use #fashionjewelry, #handmadeaccessories, #necklacedisplay or #jewelrydisplay among others to promote your post.

Make your posts timely

Timeliness is one important factor in using social media. Instead of posting randomly, you can create a content plan where you can decide what type of content your audience will love in a particular day or time. When weekend is coming, you can post trendy accessories that you audience can wear with their weekend outfit. During holidays or special occasion, post gift ideas or tips that can be relevant for your audience. The more relevant or timely your posts are, the more you build your authority in your chosen niche. Plus, it also makes your posts more shareable and engaging for your audience.


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