Four Jewelry Wearing Rules You Can Fashionably Break

They say rules are just nothing but old habits people are afraid to change. Well, when it comes to fashion, there are hundreds of rules that people think applies to everyone. But, as we come to embrace different personalities and lifestyles, there are habits, ideas or fashion formula that simply do not apply anymore.

We have seen celebrities break them. We have spotted a lot of fashion experiments that went out all too good. Yes there are fashion police, but this generation allows you to wear anything that makes you feel and look great, whether or not they follow the so called fashion rules.

Let me give you some conventions about wearing wholesale jewelry and how you can bravely and fashionably break them.


1.    You can’t wear gold and silver jewelry together

Gold and silver jewelry can actually create a fashionable contrast that gives texture and style that can only be achieved by wearing these two metals at the same time. Wear multiple layer necklaces in gold and silver and add beautiful sparkle to your simple dress. If you’re into wearing more than two rings on your fingers, you can even mix gold and silver rings in different thickness and designs for added flare and attitude.

2.    Less is more.

Well, no more. Layer it, mix it up and make a statement if that is your style. From multiple earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings, today it’s all about personal preference. As long as you’re comfortable with what you’re wearing and it’s not getting on the way, don’t be scared to wear more than what most people are used to.

3.    You should wear matching accessories

If you want to keep that girly, conventional look, then go for it. Otherwise, feel free to break them. Look in front of the mirror and pair up different types of jewelry until you get the right mix that matches your outfit. Once you get the perfect combination, people will even admire you for your boldness and fashion taste.

4.    Faux diamond is a no-no

In these trying times, who can really afford buying those big and gorgeous diamonds without having to burn a hole into your pocket? As long as you know how to look for quality faux diamonds at wholesale jewelry stores or fashion boutiques near you, you can go and wear it as much as you want. Let’s just leave the real and luxurious ones to the likes of Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian.
It’s time to bring out your fashion forward side and break those fashion rules. Do you have other fashion formula that you’re dying to break? Share how you tried to break them to the rest of our readers.

Image Credit: marykatefashion


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