3 Things to Do with Your Unwanted Jewelry

It’s summer time again! If you are jewelry lover like me, chances are you have purchased another bracelet or necklace to add to your wholesale jewelry collection. But who can’t help it? Summer is a great time to dress up and getting the perfect jewelry to accessorize our outfit is just the best way to look and feel great this season.

Things You Can Do With Your Unwanted Jewelry

Every summer, a lot of jewelry stores come up awesome jewelry collection that is definitely hard to miss. When you look at retail stores or even online, you can discover a lot of wonderful jewelry pieces that will surely look great with our favorite summer dress. So, why not spare some of our money and purchase a little bauble, right?

But while we’re busy trying on our new fashion earrings and statement rings, let’s not forget about the cocktail rings we went crazy about last season. Although it’s nice to keep our collection updated, it’s also highly important to wear the pieces we’ve bought last year to keep them from getting old and tarnished.

Wearing past jewelry does not help us keep our jewelry collection but a great way to save money too. So if you’re looking for ways to wear old and unwanted jewelry pieces, here are some tips that you can try.

1.    Mix and match

Take out your jewelry box and lay down the pieces that you think can work well with the season or this month’s occasion. Then, try on different pieces and wear with your other wholesale jewelry pieces to know what combination can work for you.

2.    Re-design

We have seen a lot of DIY jewelry redesign on Pinterest that made us go green with envy so why not take it as an inspiration and come up with your own project. Pick up your unwanted necklaces and bracelets and ready be ready with your tools then start working on re-designing your jewelry. Don’t have the patience to go that far? Just do the basics like turning old necklace into bracelets and other simple ideas.

3.    Give it as a gift

What’s the use of buying more and more jewelry organizers when you can just give your extra jewelry to your closest friends? Although it may be hard to let go of the earrings you’ve worn to your first date or the one you’ve won to an award’s night, it’s still a great way to manage and take control of your jewelry collection. Think of a person who would appreciate your gift and pick a ring or an earring that best fit her personality. Wrap it up and give it to her together with a simple note.

Shopping for new wholesale jewelry pieces is really exciting. However, hoarding jewelry is not really good for you and for your wallet. So take time to sort through your jewelry box and follow the tips I’ve mentioned above. And don’t forget to back to me and share how you repurposed your old jewelry.


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