How to Choose the Right Earrings for Your Multiple Ear Piercing

Multiple earring trends have been quite a trend for some time now. It opens up a lot of jewelry options and allows you to be bold enough with your fashion choice. As more and more ladies jump into this trend, it is no longer limited to the rocker chic but is also becoming more popular among those who want to spice up their everyday look. With the right kind of fashion jewelry, you can adorn multiple ear piercing stylishly in a lot of different ways. 

Here are few tips on how you can put together multiple earrings in a classy way.   


  •  Be consistent with your theme

Multiple earrings can allow you to wear different themes depending on your outfit. This will do instead of just putting together different pieces and risk making your ears like a hodgepodge of mismatched jewelry.

  • Wear different sized hoop earrings

One way to adorn your ear piercing is by wearing different size or gold or silver hoop earrings. Wear the biggest hoop at the bottom of your ear and work your way up to the smallest at the top hole. This will give you a fashionable and neat look that can go with your casual weekend wear.

  • Stay subtle

If you want to wear multiple earrings to work, choose to wear two or three earrings and leave the other holes empty if you have more. Wear one pair of medium length earring at the bottom of your ears and line your ears with small balls, cubic zirconia stud earrings or precious gemstones in same colors and sizes.

  • Be unique

Wearing multiple fashion earrings will absolutely set you apart from other ladies but you can take it one notch higher by wearing unique earrings that can become your trademark. Shop online for fashionable fashion jewelry or go to different fashion boutiques to shop for high quality sterling silver earrings and other unique items.
Lastly, a fashion savvy lady knows when too much is too much. Try not to overdo your earrings by keeping it classy and neat. Wear at least one flashy pair of gemstone earring and keep the rest simple and small. If you want to mix and match different colors, make sure that they are in the same color shade and that it fits the over all color of your outfit.

If you love wearing fashion earrings and one ear piercing is not enough for your passion for jewelry, you can always choose to have multiple piercing on your ears. The pain will surely ease away as soon as you realize the beauty of your fully adorned ears and classy ragged look.

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