How to Get the Best out of the Wedding Season

It’s that fabulous time of the year when our mailbox is once again filled with wedding invitations from family and friends. I’m sure your calendar is also already filling up with engagement parities, bridal showers and wedding days. While it’s a little stressful to think about scheduling your weekends or picking up what dress or trendy fashion jewelry to wear, there is also a lot of fun stuff that you can only enjoy this season.

Summer Getaways


If you’re invited to attend some kick ass beach wedding in sugary white sand coastline in Florida, you must be very very lucky. Attending this kind of wedding may seem a little off if you have to travel far just to watch your friends say “I do” but just think of it as a long overdue summer vacation where you can relax and even meet some of your friends from long time ago. 

Fabulous Shoe Sale!


Since wedding season also means that dress shoes and other cocktail dresses are on high demands, it’s easy to spot a wedding season sale in different shopping malls and boutiques. If you’ve been dying to add a new pair of dress shoes in your shoe shelf, now is the perfect time to go and hunt for that treasure. Consider buying at least two to three pairs of evening sandals in case you need to attend wedding parties that often.

Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands to Die For!

Wedding Rings at

If you’re planning to get hitched this year but no plans of joining many other June Bride, the best thing to do is to take advantage of the ongoing wedding season sale in different jewelry stores online and offline. Take note of that discount code and don’t forget to look for promos on wedding bands or other fashion jewelry you need for your dream wedding.

Get Fit and Fab!

 Oh well, I know most of us ladies don’t really like this part but wedding season and summer is definitely one of the best times to show off some skin and sexy curves. Hit the gym at least a month before wearing that bridesmaid dress so you can surely look your best beside your girl best friend. Who knows, you might even catch the eyes of your future groom!
The sun, the summer breeze, parties, out of town trips and yes, of course weddings – these are just some of the reasons to love this season. So pack your things and grab your best dress because and make this year’s wedding season totally unforgettable.


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