Finding the Right Ring for Your Outfit

Right Ring for Your Outfit
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When you dress is ready and shoes are set to party, don’t forget that one thing that can complete your overall outfit. Whether it’s a simple band or a colorful beaded ring, choosing the right kind of wholesale fashion jewelry that goes well with your outfit is the best way to create a look that stands out from everyone else.

Not all rings are created equal but each ring is full with a character that can match a lady’s style and mood. If you’re lucky enough to know how to easily spot the most suitable ring for your finger you are sure able to glam up even your simplest outfit. But in case you don’t know how to do this yet or need some refresher course on this subject, read on because you will now see some cool tips in buying rings and some quick notes on how to wear them. 

Tip #1. Look for a ring that compliments your outfit

 This is a very basic principle when choosing accessories but something that is ignored most of the time. You don’t need to match everything you wear from earrings to bracelets, but as a general rule, put on accessories that makes your outfit looks flawless and uncluttered.

Tip#2. Let your ring shine

If you’ve found an exceptional ring that looks great on your fingers, let is shine by keeping your other accessories more simple. This is also true if you are wearing expensive wholesale  fashion jewelry and you want to show it off.

Tip#3. Day time or Night Time Jewelry

 Consider the time and the location of the event that you’re going to attend and wear your accessories accordingly. Day time indoor activities can call for fashion rings in neon bright or pastel colors, while outdoor fun can mean jewelry in natural colors or nature inspired design. If you’re going to attend late night parties, that is the best time for precious stones or elegant gold ring.

Tip#4. Match your nail polish to your ring

 If you’re wearing statement rings it’s best to keep your nails in neutral colors otherwise, you can try wearing different rings on your finger and figure out what works best for you nail polish. Want to go extra glam? Have your nails done based on a design that is related to your jewelry.  

Tip#5. Create a statement

 Have you seen those big, bright, and stylish rings that women are now going crazy about? Don’t be left behind and get one for yourself. It’s a great accessory to wear especially when you don’t have so much time to think of other jewelry pieces to wear. A statement ring can glam up even a white top and skinny jeans combination. Just one big ring on your finger is actually enough to make complete your look.

If you follow these tips by heart, soon you will also become an expert in choosing rings for your outfit. Discover your own fashion statement and express yourself through the rings you wear.


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